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Data Wiper Software

Data Wiper Software provides an extensive solution to completely wipe entire or selected data from your computer system hard disk drive and USB removable storage media. High quality disk cleaner software permanently cleans your sensitive data (such as financial records, passwords and other confidential documents) for maintaining your computer privacy. If you delete data from your computer system by using Shift+Delete key or from recycle bin folder, it is not permanently deleted and can be recovered by using any data recovery software. For completely wiping data you can use data eraser tool and improves your system performance in better way.

Data Doctor’s disk wiping utility permanently wipes data from desktop PC/Laptop using Destructive and Non-Destructive mode. In Destructive mode, software completely wipes saved or unsaved disk data by selecting entire disk or disk sector range options to wipe the data. On the other hand Non Destructive mode, software wipes traces of deleted files, unused disk space, internet files, system files and deleted applications and you can permanently wipes selected data according to your choice. Easy to use data wiper software is cost effective and facilitate with systematic help menu for user’s assist.

Data Wiper Software
Data Wiper Software
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Software Features:

  • Erases data permanently from computer hard disk and USB removable media drives!
  • Completely wipes entire or selected disk data by using destructive and non destructive wiping mode.
  • Facilitate to switch from non destructive wiping mode to destructive wiping mode or vice versa for advance wiping support.
  • Permanently wipes deleted mails, chat conversation records, passwords and other internet sensitive data.
  • Cleans unused disk space, internet history, cookies, temporary files, office documents, visited websites, administrator files and many more.
  • Enables to protect your confidential data which you don’t want to share to any one.
  • After using data wiping process, data can not be recovered by any data recovery tool.
  • Evaluate software features with 15 days trial version that will help you to understand software features and working.
  • Simple to access and user friendly interface!